1. Straka, Kathleen M. BSN, RN

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Some of the health promotion recommendations for families outlined in "The Obesity Epidemic, Part 2: Nursing Assessment and Intervention" (January) have merit. These include keeping a variety of fruits and vegetables in the home and increasing family physical activity.


However, resource-constrained parents might otherwise find these strategies beyond reach, calling into question issues of access and affordability. In applying family-based strategies, nurses need to evaluate an intervention's effectiveness as well as discern whether or not the targeted intervention is culturally relevant and sensitive.


Nurses are in a position to provide leadership that exerts a broader influence by advocating for evidence-based community interventions and for policies that enable a healthier environment. When we commit ourselves to protecting the most vulnerable populations and empower them with real choices, then perhaps we can anticipate a shift in the fulcrum.


Kathleen M. Straka, BSN, RN


Owls Head, ME