1. Section Editor(s): Young-Mason, Jeanine EdD, RN, CS, FAAN

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Survive, is that the word for it


for what one does


for what one is


One's enemies abound


with truths and partial truths


that want to kill


before one can embrace


the truth one yearns to hold


The volunteers for truth abound,


the esoteric squad


one knows if one has truly lived


They fear that imperfection


may reflect on them


if it is overlooked


and left to grow


and mar the definition


they have given life


Survive, for what?


to be content to live with hope


not bitterness:


survive to lose oneself


for other reasons


than the flaws


one knows exist




Surviving. In: Disappearances: Poems by Herbert Mason. New York & London: Nimatullahi Publications. (Published with permission of author.) Website 1999.