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* In "Missed Empathy, Missed Care: Is It Time to 'Reconceptualize Efficiency'?" AJN editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy asks, "As hospitals tout patient-focused care, are they investing in resources to make it more than a marketing slogan? What is your hospital doing to make it easier for you to provide nursing care?" (


* What does a golf cliche have to do with nursing? Find out in Clint Lange's post, "Drive for Show, Putt for Dough: A Cliche with Some Truth for Nursing" (


* "It is clear we don't like each other. We don't need to like each other. We do, for the sake of our patients, need to respect each other. It's dangerous to them if we don't." Find out what led a colleague to say this to author Amanda Anderson in "Workplace Conflict Engagement for Nurses: Consider the System" (



"All too often, nurses feel like automatons, mere machines providing inputs to other machines. But then, you see a nurse who has transcended the system to provide exquisite empathic care." "When we focus on the conflict instead of the system issues, it allows us to put the blame for healthcare failings on individuals rather than where it really lies." "If you find you enjoy the research end of nursing, do not allow any one instructor to tell you derisively that 'you seem to like research better than "actual" nursing.' Walk, do not run, to your nearest instructor who holds a PhD, EdD, or MSN." "If marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes and a nurse has a prescription for it, I do not see where if they test positive it should be an issue."




* Monthly highlights: Listen to AJN editors discuss the contents of the May issue.


* Behind the article: Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with Gigi Smith, lead author of "Epilepsy Update, Part 1: Refining Our Understanding of a Complex Disease."