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  1. Chiacchiero, Michael DPT, PT
  2. Cagliostro, Philip DPT, PT
  3. DeGenaro, Jason DPT, PT
  4. Giannina, Cory DPT, PT
  5. Rabinovich, Yevgeny DPT, PT


The purpose of this study was to establish the effects of motor imagery training on body sway and performance of the Functional Reach test in older adults. Twenty subjects were randomly assigned to the control or experimental group. Participants in the experimental group imagined themselves performing different swaying and reaching exercises. Participants in the experimental group showed statistically significant improvement in the following parameters: increased forward functional reach, decreased trace length with eyes open on solid surface, and decreased velocity with eyes open on solid surface. Motor imagery training in older adults can be an effective intervention to decrease fall risks and improve balance.