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As the new Editor of Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, I would like to issue a call for abstracts from undergraduate and graduate nursing students for a new section entitled, "Student Abstracts." Undergraduate and graduate nursing students in the area of critical care conduct much high-quality research, and I would like to share the results of this research with our readers. The results of this research are often presented in the classroom setting and not disseminated to others. Students now have an opportunity to publish their abstracts.


Undergraduate or graduate nursing students may submit research abstracts provided the research relates to the area of critical care nursing. Please submit the following materials:


1. Title of the Abstract.


2. Your name and address.


3. School of Nursing.


4. A maximum of two paragraphs summarizing the research and its findings.



Please submit the abstract to:


Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing


Vickie Miracle, RN, EdD




424 Eastgate Village Wynde


Louisville, KY 40223


Abstracts may be sent via fax to (502) 253-5560 or via e-mail:


Please submit your research and discover the pleasure of publishing.