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During Nurses Week, I encourage each of you to celebrate your own professional journey and acknowledge those who influenced and supported you along the way. Also, take time to think about what professional accomplishments you'd like to achieve moving forward and who's going to help you with those efforts.

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Three years ago this month, we published a feature article by Rod Colon called, "Run your nursing career like a business."1 Rod wrote about how we all should be the "CEO of Me Inc." He discussed the importance of establishing your personal board of directors. Rod described that you're selling your nursing knowledge, skill, and experience. What are you doing to enhance those attributes? Do you attend professional conferences? Are you active in nursing organizations? How many nursing journals do you read each month? Are you engaged in your organization or do you just go to work for your scheduled shifts? Are you going to school for an advanced degree? Have you published in a professional nursing journal? Do you volunteer? These are some of the questions you should be asking as the "CEO of Me Inc."


I'm not sure that I've always thought of myself as the CEO of Me Inc., but I've always been confident that I was responsible for controlling my own destiny through hard work and dedication to our profession. That said, along the way I've been fortunate to have had some amazing mentors who've influenced and supported my journey. I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and publically thank them for their influence and support of my journey.


Alice Poyss has been my mentor since nursing school. Thirty years later, we continue collaborating through our work with the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses, a national organization that Alice helped establish.


Mary Mishler supported me through my transition from staff nurse to clinical nurse specialist. She motivated me to get involved with professional organizations and submit my first abstract at a national conference.


Karen Innocent and I have collaborated on more projects than I can count. I'll be forever grateful to her for the wonderful opportunities that she's created for me at Wolters Kluwer.


Catherine Kotecki taught me some amazing lessons about leadership. I'll never forget the day that she laughed at me when I asked her what you're supposed to do when you reach all of your career goals; that was more than 20 years ago. After she was done laughing, she told me that I'd set more goals; she was right.


The last person that I'd like to give a shout out to is Tracy Carlino. Tracy challenges me every day to think untraditionally and take calculated risks that create opportunities for nurses to grow in their profession and influence positive outcomes for patients. Her belief in me as a leader gave me confidence to exceed my expected professional potential.


I'm thankful every day that I'm a nurse and that these individuals influenced me to become the nurse that I am.


Until the next time, be healthy, be happy, be great advocates for your patients. Take some time to celebrate your career and thank those who motivate you!


AnneMarie Palatnik, MSN, APN, ACNS-BC

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