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This letter is to address an important oversight in giving credit to an original author in an article published in 1995. After hearing Dr. Schoonover-Shoffner give a presentation on ethical writing and citation, God prompted me to return to an article I wrote, Healing Prayer: The Risks and Rewards (1995; 12(1), pp. 14-17, 23). Though I can't recall exact details, I'm fairly certain I had been introduced to the work of John Wimber, Power Evangelism, Power Healing, and the like at the time of writing the article. The prayer method described in this article is definitely Wimber's and follows directly from one of his publications, which I did not cite. Other authors cited in this work remain intact and correct, but this oversight is serious. Thus, I wish to make public correction, and thank the editor for holding JCN authors to gold standards of publishing, and for presenting in a way that allowed God to prompt me to make correct citation of the author, now deceased, for his five-step healing prayer model.


Jane Bacon Pfeiffer


Redlands, CA


Response from the editor:JCN does hold to high ethical standards and follows the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines ( We appreciate authors who assure that information is cited properly, and references are correct and in APA format. Thank you, Dr. Pfeiffer, for your candor and giving credit where credit is due.



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