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  1. Hahtela, Nina MNSc, RN
  2. McCormack, Brendan DPhil (Oxon), BSc (Hons) Nursing, PGCEA, RGN, RMN, RNT
  3. Paavilainen, Eija PhD, RN
  4. Slater, Paul PhD, MSc, BSc(Hons)
  5. Helminen, Mika MSc
  6. Suominen, Tarja PhD, RN


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to explore the relations of workplace culture on nursing-sensitive organizational factors.


BACKGROUND: The need for standardized and valid measures for nursing-sensitive organizational outcomes has already been recognized in the literature.


METHODS: A cross-sectional questionnaire survey of 21 inpatient acute care units in 9 organizations at the municipal primary healthcare level was conducted. Participants included licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and nurse managers.


RESULTS: Workplace culture, especially the overarching factor of stress, correlated with the use of supplemental nursing staff and patients' length of stay.


CONCLUSION: It is essential to find and test workplace-sensitive indicators so that managers will have a wider range of methods to plan and evaluate nursing outcomes.