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  1. Willis, Danny G. DNS, RN, PMHCNS-BC
  2. DeSanto-Madeya, Susan PhD, RN, CNS
  3. Ross, Richard SJ, RN, M Div, STL
  4. Sheehan, Danielle Leone MS, RN
  5. Fawcett, Jacqueline PhD, RN, FAAN


This article presents an explication of spiritual healing situated within 3 nursing conceptual models (Neuman's systems model, Rogers' science of unitary human beings, and Roy's adaptation model) and 1 middle-range theory (Watson's theory of human caring), all of which include a focus on spirituality. These models and the theory are the vehicle for translation of themes of spiritual healing extracted from data provided by 30 adult male survivors of childhood maltreatment into nursing practice. This discipline-specific translational scholarship advances the profession of nursing.