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  1. Doane, Gweneth Hartrick PhD
  2. Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl PhD
  3. Antifeau, Elisabeth MSN
  4. Stajduhar, Kelli PhD


Approaches to knowledge translation (KT) have undergone substantial transformation in an effort to find more effective strategies to ensure the best available knowledge informs nursing practice. However, the fundamental epistemology underpinning KT itself has gone largely unquestioned. Of particular concern is the inadequacy of current representational models to depict the complex, social process of KT. To address the limitations of representational models we propose an inquiry heuristic that conceptualizes KT as a knowledge-as-action process. Developed through a series of KT research projects, the heuristic is intended to guide the KT process and support effective navigation in the complexities of contemporary health care milieus.