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  1. Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl PhD
  2. Doane, Gweneth Hartrick PhD
  3. Antifeau, Elisabeth MSN
  4. Pesut, Barbara PhD
  5. Porterfield, Pat MSN
  6. Roberts, Della MSN
  7. Stajduhar, Kelli PhD
  8. Wikjord, Nicole MSN


Based on a retheorized epistemology for knowledge translation (KT) that problematizes the "know-do gap" and conceptualizes the knower, knowledge, and action as inseparable, this paper describes the application of the Knowledge-As-Action Framework. When applied as a heuristic device to support an inquiry process, the framework with the metaphor of a kite facilitates a responsiveness to the complexities that characterize KT. Examples from a KT demonstration project on the integration of a palliative approach at 3 clinical sites illustrate the interrelatedness of 6 dimensions-the local context, processes, people, knowledge, fluctuating realities, and values.