1. Dunn, Rev. Chris BA, MDiv

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Thank you for publishing Molly M. Garnett's Reflections essay, "Why?" (July) about honoring pain without being destroyed by it.


I, too, am a pediatric chaplain and found this piece very helpful, both for my colleagues and myself. There were so many gems within this short piece. My first instinct was to highlight passages that spoke a particular truth or provided a bit of wisdom, but I quickly realized the entire page would be yellow if I tried to do that. I especially loved the section about the bond that we all share regardless of the discipline we belong to. Each of us is doing ministry and following our calling.


As Garnett states at the end of the piece, "My calling is to come alongside-and journey with-those who suffer." What a great reminder to turn our care of patients and their families toward ourselves, too.


Rev. Chris Dunn, BA, MDiv


Austin, TX