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There is a lot to celebrate as Holistic Nursing Practice (HNP) enters its 30th year as a refereed nursing journal. First, we have entered an era where the theme of the journal, holistic interventions and the health care system are perfectly aligned, not only in the United States but also internationally. The number of articles we receive has grown exponentially as health care systems and cultures embrace the basic tenets of holistic care: primary prevention with an emphasis on nutrition and exercise, self-efficacy and self-care, and a growing evidence base on holistic interventions and approaches produced by clinician researchers. Ten years ago, we rarely received an international submission; now more than half of our publications are from across the globe, Canada, Turkey, Iran, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, South Africa, and the Scandinavian countries, to name just a few. The focus on culture and health has become a mainstay in recent years as all holistic nurses strive to approach patients and families within the context of culture and environment.

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Holistic Nursing Practice is also now firmly rooted in the electronic age of publishing. Our Web site (available at: is easy to search and convenient both for those seeking information on holistic nursing practices and for those who wish to publish. The home page proudly displays the logo of the Canadian Holistic Nurses' Association for whom HNP is the official journal. In 2015, HNP received a Bronze Award for Best Original Research from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors for its publication of the article "The Effect of Sit 'N' Fit Chair Yoga Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults With Osteoarthritis."1


We have featured various columns such as Stephanie Ross's article on herbal therapies and other holistic modalities, Christine Jackson's column on Walking the Talk of holistic care, and Jean MacFayden's work on innovation. In the coming year, a new columnist, Dr Patricia Zuzelo, past President of the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, will be writing "Parting Thoughts." Dr Zuzelo's research on moral distress, technology, caring, and inpatient violence is a great basis for future insightful columns.


Finally, the journal has moved to an impact factor system and after only 1 year our impact factor doubled, confirming that holistic intervention and research are of growing interest along with the affirmation of the quality of HNP's articles and features. It seems like yesterday that Doris Cook Sutterley and I developed a plan for this journal and successfully launched it. Members of the Editorial Board have figured prominently into the success of HNP and now include members from not only the United States but also Great Britain and Ireland.


Most importantly, even after 30 years, we are beginning anew to refresh our approach, to add new features, to raise the quality of our publication, and to serve our holistic readership. Join us in a toast to our publisher, Wolters Kluwer Health, our featured columnists, Stephanie Ross, Dr Christine Jackson, and Dr Patti Zuzelo, and most of all to our loyal readership, out there on the front lines promoting holistic care for patients, families, and communities. Happy 30th Anniversary, Holistic Nursing Practice!!!!


-Gloria F. Donnelly, PhD, RN, FAAN, FCPP


Editor in Chief




1. Park J, McCaffrey R, Newman D, Cheung C, Hagen D. Sit 'N" Fit Chair Yoga among community-dwelling older adults with osteoarthritis. Holist Nurs Pract. 2014;28(4):247-257. [Context Link]