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  1. Davidson, Judy E. DNP, RN, FCCM, FAAN
  2. Agan, Donna L. EdD
  3. Chakedis, Shannon MSN, RN, OCN


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to explore blame-related distress (B-RD).


BACKGROUND: No research exists describing the incidence and characteristics of consequences of blame.


METHODS: Survey research was used to explore the incidence, characteristics, and consequences of the distress caused by blame in the workplace.


RESULTS: B-RD is prevalent among intensive care and oncology staff. Participants reported an organizational impact to B-RD in terms of staff morale, turnover, and employee health. Management, physicians, and peers were the most frequently cited source of blame.


CONCLUSIONS: A proposed model is described to relate blame to other similar constructs.