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A new year brings the opportunity for a fresh outlook on things, a time to make resolutions to improve ourselves and make changes for the better-and try to stick with them throughout the year and beyond! And we are no different; we are always looking for ways to improve what we do. One of the resolutions we at Nursing2016 Critical Care have made for 2016 is to update and refresh our journal to better reflect what you, our readers, want to see within these pages.

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We have asked for and listened to the thoughts and ideas you have provided through e-mails, social media, and at national nursing conferences. You have told us that you want and need to access up-to-date evidence-based information in a way that you can use immediately in your practice to optimize quality patient care and improve patient outcomes.


Our resolution for 2016 is to bring you more of what you want, and that starts with our cover. It features a new, bright-red design (for what says urgency, leadership, and action-critical care!-more than red?) and a new tagline: The Evidence-Based Journal for Acute and Critical Care Nurses. These changes move into the journal, where our articles will focus even more on evidence-based practices that all acute and critical care nurses need to know to improve patient outcomes. These articles are written and peer-reviewed by experts in acute and critical care so you know you are getting the information you need from reliable sources.


In the coming months we will continue to add new features, such as abstracts to provide summaries of our feature articles and keywords to facilitate online searching of the topic in the literature. We will also add some new design elements that will make the journal your go-to reference for acute and critical care practice, providing you with the information you need at your fingertips so you can translate it to your everyday practice. As always, we would love to hear from you about how we are doing-what do you want to see in these pages? Write to me at, visit our Facebook page by searching Nursing Critical Care, or join us on Twitter at We hope you like our new resolution for 2016 to be the best we can be!


Cynthia Laufenberg, MA

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