1. Nicoll, Leslie H. PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN

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I am very fortunate to have the archives of CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing here in my office, going back to the original newsletter, printed with a dot-matrix printer, copied on blue paper, and titled:


I mention this for several reasons:

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* CIN has a long and venerable history, with more than 3 decades of publishing excellence in informatics to its credit;


* CIN has had different formats, including a newsletter, then journal (print only), and online journal with print counterpart; and


* CIN has had different "looks" both inside and out.



You probably have guessed where I am going with this-yes, exciting changes are in store for CIN! The most noticeable will be a completely new look, with a beautiful new cover and totally redesigned interior pages. Looking at the old cover, I realized it was time for a facelift, and I am thrilled with the final product, produced by the talented artists at Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. The cover and interior will debut in January 2016 with volume 34, no. 1


The format is changing-slightly. The journal will still be produced monthly and published online, with a full complement of peer-reviewed articles, CIN Plus (which is also peer reviewed), ANI Connection, and a continuing education test in every issue. The online journal is the "journal of record" as it has been since 2011 when we went to the monthly publication schedule. This is the publication that is used for indexing and calculating our impact factor.


The print counterpart-the value-added component of CIN-will be changing. The "Topic Collections," which have been published six times per year since 2011, are transitioning to "Selected Highlights," published quarterly. Each issue will feature selected content from the immediate prior issues of CIN. The basis for selection? This will evolve as we work with this new format, but we will be focusing on cutting-edge research, innovative case studies, theory-driven thought pieces, and more. I am looking forward to working with the Editorial Advisory Board to create these quarterly issues. And note: they will be packed with content and so many pages that each issue will be perfect bound, that is, having a square, flat spine (like we used to have). Once again, you will be able to line your past issues of CIN on your bookshelf and see the journal name, date, volume, and issue number on the spine. Sometimes going backward is a good thing!


I mentioned the Editorial Advisory Board-this talented group of nurses with expertise in informatics has been in place since May 2015, becoming familiar with the journal from a position different than that of reader, author, or reviewer. As we move forward with our relaunch, I will be counting on their help to raise awareness among the informatics community and provide feedback to me as the editor. They are also taking leadership roles in promoting CIN through various social media channels. It's an exciting time to be involved with a scholarly journal, and I am very grateful for the Editorial Board's wise counsel.


So-lots of changes, but there are many things that will remain constant, in particular our pledge to publish the highest-quality content possible, using industry-level ethical standards for peer review and article selection. In this age of "predatory journals,"1 fly-by-night publishers, and unethical scammers, you can rely on CIN to maintain our steadfast commitment to be the leading journal in the world in the specialty of nursing informatics, providing articles that have been fully vetted by peers and representing the best of emerging knowledge and new trends in the discipline. Through this commitment, we maintain our status as an indexed journal in MEDLINE (since 1983) and the Web of Science (also since 1983), ensuring that our content is fully discoverable for scholars, researchers, and clinicians.


My work on CIN spans 2 decades, and I look forward to the coming years with great excitement. I have wonderful memories of those who have been an integral part of the publication in the past and present. Now I look to the future and welcome new authors, reviewers, and Editorial Advisory Board members. If you are interested in these opportunities, contact me. Your involvement in our CIN family is valued and important!


The author has disclosed that she has no significant relationships with, or financial interest in, any commercial companies pertaining to this article.




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