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wound care treatment, algorithm and dressing, types of wounds



  1. Oliverio, Jon DPM, ABPS, ABPOPPM, ACCWS
  2. Gero, Elizabeth DPM
  3. Whitacre, Katie Lyn BSN, RN, WCC, OMS
  4. Rankin, Jodi RD, LD, CNSC


ABSTRACT: There has been a dramatic rise in the incidence of wounds in the United States. Chronic wounds are not only difficult and costly to treat, but also have a devastating impact on the patients, caregivers, and on society as a whole. Many factors influence the etiology of wounds. The goal of this article is to educate all types of healthcare providers on the evaluation process and the various available treatment options of chronic wounds. With the information presented in this article, providers will be able to achieve faster healing and hopefully decrease the total number of chronic and debilitating wounds.