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  1. Jordre, Becca PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA, Cert MDT
  2. Schweinle, William PhD
  3. Oetjen, Sarah PT, DPT
  4. Dybsetter, Nichole PT, DPT
  5. Braun, Miranda PT, DPT


Topic Investigated: Physical performance measure outcomes most associated with falls in senior athletes.


Subjects: A total of 928 senior athletes.


Variables: Fall history, Single Leg Stance Eyes Open, Single Leg Stance Eyes Closed, Single Leg Stance on Foam, Functional Reach, Usual and Fast Gait Speed, Five Times Sit-to-Stand Test, and Grip Strength. Data were analyzed with logistic regression and receiver operating characteristic curve analyses.


Results and Conclusions: Combined failure, as determined by cut scores, on Single Leg Stance Eyes Closed and on Foam was most associated with a recent history of falls. Performance on the Five Times Sit-to-Stand Test was also highly associated.