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More Than 30 Continuing Professional Education Credits Available at the American Society for Nutrition's 2016 Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting

We like to think there is something for everybody at the American Society for Nutrition's Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at EB 2016 being held April 2 to 6, 2016, in San Diego. This past year, ASN's Scientific Program Committee has been working hard to develop a topnotch program that is divided into 6 program tracks:


* Cellular and Molecular Nutrition


* Nutrition Across the Lifespan: From Pediatrics to Geriatrics


* Clinical and Translational Nutrition


* Global and Community Nutrition


* Nutritional Epidemiology


* Education



A sampling of sessions includes the following:


* The Presidential Symposium, Systems Approaches to Nutrition-Where We Are and Where We Are Going, is taking a cross-disciplinary approach that will interest basic, clinical, translational, and public health researchers. Systems approaches are emerging rapidly and revolutionizing our approaches to studying and understanding the complexity of human metabolism, physiology, and behaviors, as well as the environment that sustains life and its relationships to the food system. The convergence of "big data," the genomics revolution, and the computer and engineering sciences with the nutrition sciences promises to transform dietary approaches for the prevention and management of chronic disease through personalized nutrition, as well as implementation of more effective nutrition interventions and food systems that support global and public health. This session will highlight the current state and future prospects of systems approaches across the spectrum of the nutritional sciences, from both insider and outsider perspectives


* Food Systems for Public Health will open a dialog on agricultural production and human nutrition and explore climate change and other challenges and approaches facing the agricultural system specific to calls for dramatic increases in fruit and vegetable consumption. The all-star lineup will include National Geographic's Dennis Dimick, executive environment editor.


* Biology of Linear Growth will explore pathways of growth from embryo-fetal life through childhood that may respond to nutrition interventions. This session is timed to help inform and guide global momentum to reduce childhood stunting in undernourished and transitional societies.


* Sex and Metabolism will explore late-breaking research on the role of estrogen receptors in cardiometabolic health. Through an integrative physiology approach, presentations will explore emerging research that may shape our understanding of sex-specific metabolic differences and lead to better preventive and treatment strategies to improve women's cardiometabolic health.



New this year, all of the scientific symposia will be recorded for viewing after the conference in a new, online portal titled ASN on Demand. More details will be forthcoming on


For a second year, the Emerging Leader Poster Competition will highlight the best research submitted by students and young professionals. Please be sure to join us for this exciting event on Saturday evening.


An invaluable part of ASN's Scientific Sessions is the networking opportunities provided by all of ASN's communities. From large social events to gatherings of specific research interest sections, networking activities are incorporated throughout the meeting.


As in prior years, the program will also feature International Forum, organized by international nutrition societies to highlight research being done outside the United States.


This and so much more await you at ASN's Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at EB 2016. Come join us and participate in our high-quality learning and networking experiences.


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