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  1. Dante, Angelo PhD, RN
  2. Andrigo, Isabella RN
  3. Barone, Francesca RN
  4. Bonamico, Rossella RN
  5. De Chiara, Antonio MNS, RN
  6. Nait, Michela RN
  7. Toci, Ergyseda RN
  8. Palese, Alvisa MNS, RN


This was an observational multicenter study of 50 registered nurses, randomly selected, on 5 surgical wards in 5 Italian hospitals. There were on average 5.6 interruptions per hour. Interruptions occurred more frequently during the afternoon shift (n = 1061; 52.8%), were caused mainly by the staff members (n = 978; 48.7%) during medication administration (n = 1075; 53.5%), and were managed directly by the nurses (n = 1639; 81.6%). The average duration of an interruption was 32.7 seconds (95% confidence interval, 30.7-34.7).