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* In "What to Know About Zika Virus," AJN editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy gives an overview of what is known about the virus, and addresses concerns surrounding its spread (


* "Immersed in a nursing role that I didn't even know existed when I entered the profession, I find there to be a common language-one rooted in science but strongest in humanity and compassion, transcending culture, geography, and words," writes Marcy Phipps in "Rightness: A Flight Nurse Taps Into the Universal Language of Nursing" (


* In her post "Nurses and Latent TB Infection," AJN clinical editor Betsy Todd discusses the recent case of a maternity nurse with active tuberculosis-and provides nurses with an epidemiologist's take on why latent tuberculosis matters and how they can properly protect themselves and their patients (



"It's not my job to decide if someone who says they have pain truly does." "What drew me to nursing besides serving humanity? Options, never feeling trapped." "Nurses are inundated with a multitude of tasks and are usually overworked but get the job done anyway." "Having learned [massage] in my original BSN education, I can attest to its value for patients."




* Monthly highlights: Listen to AJN editors discuss the contents of the March issue.


* Behind the article: Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with


* Susan J. Loeb, coauthor of "End-of-Life Care Behind Bars: A Systematic Review."


* Donna Sabella, author of "Revisiting Child Sexual Abuse and Survivor Issues."