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  1. Ishikuro, Mami PhD
  2. Ubeda, Sergio Ramon Gutierrez PhD
  3. Obara, Taku PhD
  4. Watanabe, Ikue PhD
  5. Metoki, Hirohito PhD
  6. Kikuya, Masahiro PhD
  7. Kuriyama, Shinichi PhD
  8. Maruyama, Ryoko PhD
  9. Ohkubo, Takayoshi PhD
  10. Imai, Yutaka PhD


The self-measurement of blood pressure (BP) at home is useful in predicting the level of target organ damage and in managing hypertension. Nurses are essential practitioners for managing hypertension; however, it is unclear whether they have adequate knowledge of home BP management. This study assessed the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of home BP measurement among Japanese nurses. A questionnaire regarding home BP measurement was distributed among nurses and collected by mail. A total of 6,002 (61.8%) responses were eligible for the study. The proportion of participants who correctly recognized the reference values for clinic BP and home BP was 9.9% and 2.8%. Midwives and those working for the government had the highest proportion of correct responses of reference values among all nursing subgroups. Participants who thought that home BP gave the most important BP information were 62.7%. About 60% of the participants who recommended home BP measurement to hypertensive patients preferred to recommend an upper-arm cuff device. Our findings suggested that more knowledge of home BP measurement among nurses is warranted.