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  1. Ashwell, Margaret PhD, OBE, FAfN
  2. Fialkoff, Lauren BS
  3. Berdanier, Carolyn PhD
  4. Dwyer, Johanna DSc, RD


During 3 months in 1936, a young Dr Elsie Widdowson undertook a trip to the United States to discuss mutual research interests with colleagues there. This article picks out highlights from Elsie's personal diary, focusing on the contributions her US colleagues were making to the study and practice of dietetics and to nutrition research. Virtually all her meetings were with women who were pioneers in the new science of nutrition 80 years ago. Elsie was just a beginner, but they treated her with great kindness, and they made a deep impression on her. In this way, they helped Elsie on her way to becoming one of the greatest woman scientists in the 20th century.