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Most of the articles in this issue of the Journal focus on practical, health services research and "tongue-in-cheek" commentaries on medical homes and primary care practice. Hearld focuses on post-discharge hospital planning/early primary care follow-up and the medical home. Nurse health line telephone triage are becoming increasingly useful and Wells highlight mechanisms of increasing the efficiency of this important aspect of primary care. Klarich analyzes in detail efficient use of examination rooms. Mabachi demonstrate the important refinements in the use of the AHRQ Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit in primary care practices.


From a health services research point of view, Swint and Hung in separate articles analyze two separate and equally important issues: the relationship between primary care availability and preventable hospitalizations, and the impact of organizational culture on patient experience of primary care. Miller examines characteristics of Medicare Advantage and Fee for Service enrollees at 65. Gurevich analyzes lessons learned from patient centered medical home adoption. Young and colleagues in a study of diabetics finds additional support for patient centered care.


Lastly, Kevin Fiscella highlights what primary care can learn from sports-particularly around the many different aspects of teams. We conclude with comments from the Republic of Texas-which only get more interesting in this election season.


-Norbert I. Goldfield, MD