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  1. Tosun, Ozge MD
  2. Dabak, Resat MD
  3. Sargin, Mehmet MD
  4. Dolapcioglu, Can MD
  5. Ahishali, Emel MD


This study aims to investigate the frequency of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) among healthcare professionals. A total of 394 healthcare professionals and 207 individuals who were selected as a control group were included in the study. A questionnaire form containing Rome III diagnostic criteria was administered to health workers and the control group. The study groups were evaluated according to age, gender, occupation, profession, presence of chronic disease, drug usage, smoking, awareness of IBS, alarm symptoms, and the type of IBS they have. Irritable bowel syndrome was diagnosed in 44 healthcare workers and 10 control group participants. Of the 44 healthcare professionals with IBS, 6 had alternate, 13 had constipated-dominant, and 25 had diarrhea-dominant IBS. Of the 10 persons in the control group who were diagnosed as having IBS, 5 were diarrhea-dominant and 5 were constipated-dominant type. Irritable bowel syndrome was more frequent in healthcare professionals than in the control group. Healthcare workers are more prone to IBS due to their stressful working environment.