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A New Era Begins for NCF!

I am pleased to announce that Nurses Christian Fellowship begins a new era on July 1, 2016, when Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner becomes the NCF National Director, following Jane Hall's retirement. Jane has served as director since 2009 and will be continuing with NCF ministry as a volunteer.

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As a JCN reader, you know Kathy is the editor of the journal and responsible for the great articles you find in JCN. As Kathy transitions to her national leadership role with NCF and InterVarsity, she will also become JCN Editor-in-Chief to provide leadership and editorial oversight to JCN.


I appreciate the many gifts and talents God has given Kathy to equip students, nurses, and educators to be God's salt and light on campus and in nursing and healthcare!


As director of NCF, Kathy joins our diverse team of InterVarsity leaders, who long to see students and faculty transformed by Jesus Christ and serve God's purposes in the world. I'm looking forward to working closely with Kathy to grow NCF ministry and extend God's great invitation of eternal love to more nurses and students.


My deep thanks to Jane Hall for her wise leadership of NCF and devoted care of nurses, students, faculty, and staff. She is an encouraging partner in the mission God has entrusted to us.


Paul Tokunaga, Vice-President, Director of Strategic Ministries, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA


NCF Trusts an Unchanging God

How exciting and comforting to know that the Jesus Christ who led in establishing Nurses Christian Fellowship in 1948 hasn't changed one bit. Nor will he change in the years to come, regardless of how many more years he allows NCF to carry on. . . . I pray that every Christian nurse will be keenly alert to the voice of Christ Jesus, and respond totally to him who is "the same yesterday, today, and forever" (Hebrews 13:8).

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Tressie Myers, BA, RN, NCF Director, 1951-1968


(Excerpt from The Nurses Lamp, September 1973)


NCF: Past, Present, and Future

Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner follows a strong legacy of NCF directors who have depended on God to shape and grow our ministry among nurses and nursing students since 1948. Hear from former directors who express what they cherish about NCF ministry in this NCF @ Work! Join NCF in celebrating what God has done over the years to influence nurses, students, and nursing for Christ.


We invite you to be a part of what God has in store for us in the years ahead under Kathy's leadership. You can play a vital role in Kathy's support team financially and in prayer. Consider making a donation today to partner with Kathy as the new NCF director at

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NCF Is Evangelism and New Life

NCF has been an integral part of my life since nursing school, when I was introduced to Jesus Christ and began to understand my need for a personal relationship with him.


That was nearly 45 years ago, and my relationship to Christ has grown and flourished, largely due to the training and mentoring I received from NCF staff.


I am grateful that evangelism and discipleship have always been two of the primary purposes of NCF and InterVarsity. I believe NCF has a dynamic role to play in our profession, as we help nurses and nursing students know Jesus Christ personally and equip them to grow in their faith.


As the new director, Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner is the right person for such a time as this in NCF. I look forward to how God will use her to further his work through NCF.


Pat Emery Hixon, MSN, RN, NCF Director, 2007-2009

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NCF Is Membership and Ministry

During my 44 years in nursing, I have often reflected on how fortunate I was to have forward-looking nurse educators, who taught the value of holistic care for individuals, families, and communities. They taught students how to become committed, life-long learners. And they reinforced the importance of engaging in professional issues and organizations to protect and promote safe and effective nursing.


I am thankful that I was made aware of my responsibility to not only invest in my own professional growth, but invest in nursing itself as an active member of professional nursing organizations.


Every nurse knows the challenge of being involved professionally (along with our many other responsibilities), but being involved in NCF has been a gift, not a challenge.


Through NCF staff, resources, and events, I have invested in my personal growth as a Christian nurse and in the growth of a Christian influence in nursing. I have joyfully discovered how faith and nursing can be completely integrated and how I can flourish while serving Christ and others in nursing.


And even better, I have had countless opportunities to see students and nurses find life in Christ through NCF.


If you are a member of NCF, thank you! You are connected to a broad, even international, network of nurses who are devoted to serving God in healthcare.


If you're not a member, take the next step and join NCF to support your Christian faith and your nursing practice. You'll receive JCN as a member benefit, along with significant CE and publisher discounts.


NCF members are more than individual members; they partner in what God is doing to prepare and equip nursing students and nurses to follow Jesus. Transformed nurses will transform nursing-for the glory of God!


Find out more about the benefits of NCF membership and how to join at

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Jane Hall, MSN, RN, NCF Director, 2009-2016


NCF Is Discipleship and Bible Study

Discipleship is alive and well among nursing students who are discovering a vibrant relationship with God through the ministry of NCF and InterVarsity.


Even though I'm retired after 40 years with NCF and InterVarsity, I remain passionate about intentional discipleship of the younger generation. We're never too old to invest in making disciples of Jesus Christ, especially by investing in today's nursing students. They are learning about giving spiritual care to patients and discovering Christian foundations for nursing through their NCF chapter. Because Bible study is so foundational to discipleship, I'm revising Following Christ in Nursing to post online to equip and encourage nurses and students for years to come.


NCF has a long history of discipleship. Nurses, students, and educators who are deepening in their love for God, people, and God's purposes in our world, will make an eternal difference in nursing.


Discover free NCF Bible studies at

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Mary Thompson, MSN, RN, NCF Director, 1984-2007


NCF Values Spiritual Care

Spiritual care is helping patients with spiritual needs. It may be something we say or do, or putting patients in touch with someone who can help.


We can set a climate that lets patients know we are willing to talk about faith. The way we answer questions can encourage or discourage more discussion. If I am answering questions, I may talk about my faith, but I'm not telling patients to believe as I do.


Students must learn to determine the patient's primary need. This means including spiritual assessment. Be sure to document what the patient said related to his or her spiritual needs along with your other observations. With good evidences of spiritual need, you can demonstrate the appropriateness of intervention.


Grace Wallace, MA, RN, NCF Director, 1968-1984 from "Portrait of a Nurse," JCN, 1984

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