1. Mendelson, Sherri PhD, RNC, CNS, IBCLC

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"Why Not Poetry in the Waiting Room?" [Jeanine Young-Mason, 30(3)] was a great article. At Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, we have framed poems posted on the wall outside of the intensive care unit and the gastrointestinal laboratory waiting rooms. They were written by a nurse emerita, Linda Harrington, RNC, who clearly understood nursing and patient/family connections. One respiratory therapist said that on tough days, he goes over to reread these poems to remind him that what he does is important to patients and families-caring and compassion! I have included 2 of Linda's poems that get the most attention both from staff and family. Linda is happy to share these poems with the journal readers.



Thank you for confirming the importance of "art" in caring for patients and families. Linda Harrington's poems Dog and Sit and Stay[horizontal ellipsis]The Hidden Message in Dog are available as Supplemental Digital Contents 1 and 2, and, respectively.


Janet S. Fulton PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, ANEF, FAAN


Sherri Mendelson, PhD, RNC, CNS, IBCLC


Mission Hills, California