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  1. Kellogg Spadt, Susan PhD, CRNP, IF
  2. Kusturiss, Elizabeth MSN, CRNP


Sexuality is an integrated, unique type of personal expression that includes physiologic and psychological processes inherent in sexual development. A multidimensional construct, human sexuality encompasses a view of oneself as a female and presentation of oneself as a woman, sexual desire, sexual response, and sexual orientation. A woman's sexuality is an important aspect of her health throughout the life span. Through her sexuality, a woman expresses her identity and her need for emotional and physical closeness with others. No 2 women express sexuality in exactly the same way. Sexuality need not be limited by age, attractiveness, partner availability or participation, or sexual orientation Expressed positively, sexuality can bring much pleasure, but it also has the potential to cause great pain. It is imperative that the medical professional have a complete understanding of the importance of their role in addressing female sexual dysfunction in the biopsychosocial context.