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Certification, Clinical nurse leader, Critical care nurses



  1. L'Ecuyer, Kristine M. PhD, RN, CNL
  2. Shatto, Bobbi J. PhD, RN, CNL
  3. Hoffmann, Rosemary L. PhD, RN, CNL
  4. Crecelius, Matthew L. MSN, RN, CNL


Challenges of the current health system in the United States call for collaboration of health care professionals, careful utilization of resources, and greater efficiency of system processes. Innovations to the delivery of care include the introduction of the clinical nurse leader role to provide leadership at the point of care, where it is needed most. Clinical nurse leaders have demonstrated their ability to address needed changes and implement improvements in processes that impact the efficiency and quality of patient care across the continuum and in a variety of settings, including critical care. This article describes the role of the certified clinical nurse leader, their education and skill set, and outlines outcomes that have been realized by their efforts. Specific examples of how clinical nurse leaders impact critical care nursing are discussed.