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Mobile addiction, Nomophobia, Nomophobia questionnaire, Validation



  1. Gutierrez-Puertas, Lorena MD
  2. Marquez-Hernandez, Veronica V. PhD
  3. Aguilera-Manrique, Gabriel PhD


Nomophobia is the uncontrollable fear of leaving your house without your mobile phone and is currently having a significant impact on the younger population. The aim of this study was first to translate the original version (written in English) of the Nomophobia questionnaire, culturally adapting it to the Spanish sociolinguistic context, and subsequently to analyze the psychometric properties of the Spanish version with a sample of nursing students. In the first stage, a process of translation-back translation was carried out, following standardized recommendations. In order to validate the content, the adapted and agreed version of the Nomophobia questionnaire, consisting of 20 items, was submitted to a panel of 20 experts. After the content analysis and subsequent debate, a third version of the scale was obtained. The results confirmed a four-dimensional structure, the same as the original questionnaire, with a Cronbach's [alpha] value of .928 for the questionnaire as a whole, thus showing good internal consistency. The results of this study mean a suitable tool can be offered to nursing professionals with the aim of facilitating the diagnosis of addictive behaviors in relation to mobile phone use.