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  1. Gabbedon, Ruby M. DNP, RN, CNML


As a result of the Affordable Care Act, increases in aging populations, and advances in technologies, there is a critical need for highly qualified, competent home healthcare nurses. According to the Joint Commission's Human Resource Standard, home healthcare nurses must demonstrate their competency at least every 3 years by participating in in-service education (The Joint Commission, 2013). Unfortunately, not all home healthcare agencies (HHA) are accredited by the Joint Commissions. A review of several states healthcare regulatory rules-specifically California, New York, Nevada, and Virginia, reveals no mandates for home healthcare nurses to demonstrate competencies for skills specific for home healthcare nursing. There are many competency programs that focus on general nursing knowledge and skills; however, there is a gap in the literature regarding home healthcare nursing competencies. This article will discuss how a simulation tool kit can be the format by which HHA can enhance the knowledge and skills of their nurses, and promote effective health outcomes and protect the public from harm.