1. Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl PhD, RN
  2. Stajduhar, Kelli PhD, RN
  3. Pauly, Bernie PhD, RN
  4. Giesbrecht, Melissa PhD
  5. Mollison, Ashley MA
  6. McNeil, Ryan PhD
  7. Wallace, Bruce PhD


All too often, palliative care services are not responsive to the needs of those who are doubly vulnerable, being that they are both in need of palliative care services and experiencing deficits in the social determinants of health that result in complex, intersecting health and social concerns. In this article, we argue for a reorientation of palliative care to explicitly integrate the premises of health equity. We articulate the philosophical, theoretical, and empirical scaffolding required for equity-informed palliative care and draw on a current study to illustrate such an approach to the care of people who experience structural vulnerabilities.