Clinical learning, E-portfolio, Mobile technology, Nursing education



  1. Lai, Chin-Yuan PhD
  2. Wu, Cheng-Chih PhD


Portfolios have been advocated in nursing education to help student link theory and practice. In this study, we document the development of a mobile e-portfolio-based system, which was used to improve nursing education. The e-portfolio-based system has the advantage of allowing students to record, assess, and reflect upon their learning whether at school, a clinical site, or at home. This e-portfolio system was field tested in a 3-week psychiatric nursing practicum session involving 10 female students who were enrolled in a junior nursing college. A mixed-methods study combining qualitative and quantitative data was conducted to investigate the effects of using the system. The results of the study demonstrated that students made professional progress in both theory and practice after using the e-portfolio system. The system could also promote self-regulated learning in clinical context. Students displayed very positive attitudes overall when using the system, although there were some occasional stresses and technical difficulties. Important factors when implementing such a system included the following: adopting the proper mobile device, providing students with clear guidance on constructing the e-portfolio, and how to use the e-portfolio in a clinical setting.