1. Marques, Neysa Laila Xavier Rangel MSc, PT
  2. de Sa Ferreira, Arthur PhD, PT
  3. da Silva, Debora Pedroza Guedes MSc, PT
  4. de Menezes, Sara Lucia Silveira PhD, PT
  5. Guimaraes, Fernando Silva PhD, PT
  6. Dias, Cristina Marcia PhD, PT


Objectives: To compare the results of the 6-Minute Walk Test (6MWT) with those estimated using national and foreign predictive equations of the six-minute walked distance (6MWD) in Brazilian elderly women.


Methods: Fifty healthy elderly women (72 +/- 5 years, 29.4 +/- 4.7 kg/m2) performed the 6-Minute Walk Test.


Results: Predicted distances using different equations showed significant differences and the percentage of predicted 6MWD varied between 71 +/- 7% and 112 +/- 12%. Correlations between predicted distances were all significant (P < .05). The classification of normal-reduced 6MWD was significantly different among equations.


Conclusion: National or foreign equations failed to accurately predict functional exercise capacity in healthy elderly women, highlighting the need to recalibrate those equations before clinical use in this population.