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Each year, the IU Health Ball Memorial Cancer Center hosts a Patient Annual Holiday Party. One of the special moments of the party, something the patients and staff look forward to each year, is William B. Fisher, MD, Medical Oncologist, reciting a poem he writes for the annual event. Fisher offered to share his poem with Oncology Times' readers.


Yesterday we remembered Pearl Harbor Day....2300 soldiers died

William B. Fisher, M... - Click to enlarge in new windowWilliam B. Fisher, MD. William B. Fisher, MD

The nation mourned...and prayed and cried


The president called it a day of infamy


As war broke out on land and at sea


From that dark day we see some light as Christmas lurks so bright


What is it that so attracts us to this day...and night


Is it the birth of Christ, we ask, with gifts and family


And a time to remember those we can no longer see


I say it is all of the above


So let's take time to love....those we hold so near and dear


And to celebrate those no longer here


These are indeed exciting times in oncology


New treatments abound, almost too fast to see


Cancer slowly falls onto one knee


And we applaud with glee


We gird our loins to fight


The "emperor of all maladies"


We take delight in knowing tonight


We are surrounded by worker bees who strive to beat this disease


Read more on page 41 about Fisher's lifetime achievement award he recently received from peers and colleagues after 40 years of hard work and endless contributions to the field of medical oncology and clinical research.