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cerebrovascular accident, sleep apnea, sleep-disordered breathing, stroke



  1. Richards, Kathy C. PhD, RN
  2. Hall, Kelly S. MNSc, RN, ANP
  3. Shook, Deborah MNSc, RN, GNP
  4. Brown, Patricia MNSc, RN, GNP
  5. Nagel, Corey L. BSN, RN


Sleep-disordered breathing (obstructive and central sleep apnea) is common in persons who have had a cerebrovascular accident (CVA). This article describes both sleep-disordered breathing and CVAs and reviews the related risk factors that link them together. In addition, the article discusses sleep-disordered breathing after CVA. The article concludes by presenting the clinical implications of this topic for nurses.