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The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is the largest nursing credentialing organization in the United States. A subsidiary of the American Nurses Association (ANA), ANCC improves nursing practice and promotes high-quality healthcare services through voluntary credentialing programs and related services.


The American Nurses Credentialing Center serves the nursing profession and health care through five programs: Accreditation, Certification, CredentialingInternational, the Institute for Research, Education, and Consultation (IREC), and the Magnet Recognition Program.


The American Nurses Credentialing Center's system for accreditation of continuing education in nursing is a voluntary, peer-reviewed accreditation process. Any organization responsible for the overall development, implementation, evaluation, and quality assurance of continuing education in nursing may seek accreditation as an ANCC accredited provider. This includes organizations whose headquarters are located outside the United States.


Institutions choose to apply for accredited status at the ANCC. Once accredited, they agree to abide by the standards of the ANCC and to regulate themselves by taking responsibility for their own improvement. The accrediting process is intended to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of continuing nursing education, making it worthy of public confidence.


ANCC is the nation's largest certifier of nurses. Through its Certification program, ANCC administers examinations in over 40 specialty areas, including advanced practice. Professional certification is not only a tool for assuring the public of competent professional practice, but also provides recognition for nurses who have proved themselves through education, experience, knowledge, testing, and professional conduct.


IREC actively conducts research on the impact, role, and benefits of certification for nurses, patients, and organizations. IREC's education activities include sponsorship of conferences and production of review materials for certification and continuing education needs.


ANCC's Magnet Recognition Program acknowledges excellence in the delivery of nursing care services. Organizations are designated as Magnet based on such factors as nursing services, clinical outcomes, and patient care delivery. The Magnet program has recognized 56 organizations nationally and 1 healthcare organization in the United Kingdom.


For more information regarding ANCC programs and related services, contact:


American Nurses Credentialing Center


600 Maryland Ave., SW, Suite 100 West


Washington, DC 20024-2571


(202) 651-7000, Toll free (800) 284-2378


Fax (202) 651-7004



Geriatric Video Productions is an educational video production company that has specialized in producing and distributing innovative, award-winning programs in geriatric healthcare since 1991. Using expert consultants in geriatric medicine, nursing, and pharmacy, our productions focus on improving patient outcomes using an interdisciplinary approach to the most common behavior problems, diseases, drug management, and ethical issues confronting geriatric healthcare workers today.


We can help you provide quality inservice education on important geriatric clinical topics, such as Preventing Falls; Pain Assessment and Management, including case studies; Agitation and Restlessness; Wandering; Preventing and Handling Elder Abuse and Neglect in Long-Term Care; and Solving Bathing Problems in Dementia.


For more information, contact:


Geriatric Video Productions


PO Box 55742


Indianapolis, IN 46205


(800) 621-9181, Fax (317) 579-0402





Learning Harbor is a young company offering a Web-based curriculum that is targeted for all healthcare employees. The short modules navigated by a simple "point and click" method, cover topics required by OSHA and the Joint Commission, and are available in both English and Spanish audio. The system permits employees to guide their own learning process and to view/print their personal records and certificates at all times. Employees can test out of the modules. Training can be completed on-site or at home as per the convenience and/or preference of each employee. Managers have access to employee records for monitoring purposes.


The goal of Learning Harbor is to provide a cost-effective, easy to use method of delivering required training to a diverse population of healthcare employees along with an efficient documentation. The hospital can personalize information through a customized "Welcome Module" and "Reference Room," which provides additional information in text format. Self-authored learning activities can also be introduced into the system. This program is ideal for Staff Education Departments to use for orientation and annual review of mandatories. The basic modules are written at the eighth grade level, but more complex topics can be added for professional staff and clinical competencies. Quizzes for evaluation of other learning activities can be easily entered into the system.


This system is designed to free staff educators to meet the higher level clinical training that is ever increasing. Along with cost savings from decreased clerical and educator time, Learning Harbor promises shorter learning curves, greater employee satisfaction, and improved compliance for annual training. For more information, contact:


Learning Harbor


16 Deep Hollow Lane


Columbus, NJ 08022


(609) 658-4945, Fax (609) 324-4427