1. Marshall, Jolene


ABSTRACT: A stroke alert is an emergency. An event in the brain can end in long-term deficits that may be prevented if attention is given to the signs. The message needs to be told. Be fast. This is a poem to promote code stroke.


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The human body's most complex part,


To say a "Crown Jewel" is only a start.


This 3-pound organ in a bony shell


Protected by fluid, containing billions of cells.


It interprets senses, initiates movement,


Controls behavior; an intelligence unit.


It's who one is, what's said, what's done


It defines humanity-all in one.


In a matter of seconds, minutes or hours


A clot can rush in and take all its powers.


A vessel may clog, take vision or speech,


Cause confusion, take senses, and even one's reach.


Two million brain cells lost every minute


You won't get them back so you've got to prevent it.


Be aware and competent; don't miss the signs.


We can prevent disability and save more minds.


Save the Brain-Be FAST-Now!


A change can be missed; you need to know how.


Vital signs, Chemstick, Last known well


Call for help and Check "Neuro" to tell.


Are they moving all 4's, awake and alert?


Vision, speech, a-fib to convert?


Be ready for any, for all, to save brain


Help scatter this message of the Brain Campaign.




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