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  1. Skillen, D. Lynn PhD, RN
  2. Olson, Joanne K. PhD, RN
  3. Gilbert, Julie A. BScN, RN


Nurse educators must confront the issue of nursing students' personal safety in community health practice, provide the necessary knowledge and skills, and document their actions. Learning opportunities are required to assist students to recognize and evaluate risks, and prevent their consequences. Thematic analysis of interviews with 56 public health nurses in Alberta, Canada uncovered knowledge, skill, and attitudinal components of risk assessment. Categories under the theme framing personal risk in work environments and the sub-themes framing for action and framing for no action provided a conceptual framework for planning educational strategies. Based on how these nurses framed their personal risk, 4 educational strategies are presented: a checklist, small group learning activities, a template for Web-based courseware, and a problem-based learning scenario.