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Computer, Licensure, NCLEX-RN, Nursing, Testing



  1. Shoemaker, Joy R. DNP, APRN
  2. Chavez, Ruth A. DNP, APRN
  3. Keane, Patricia PhD, APRN
  4. Butz, Susan DNP, RN, CCRN
  5. Yowler, Susan K. MSN, RN, CNE


Achieving satisfactory first-time pass rates on the national nursing licensure examination represents a challenge for nursing programs across the United States. The consequences of examination failure for first-time test takers can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Nursing programs are evaluated by national higher-education credentialing bodies and state boards of nursing based on the first-time pass rate of their students. One Midwestern nursing program faced unsatisfactory first-time pass rates and developed strategies for improving first-time pass rates over a 3-year period. The nursing program utilized several strategies documented in the literature but found implementing computerized curricular assistive tools that complemented the nursing program's curriculum to be most effective. In addition, changing faculty and student culture on preparation for the national licensure examination was beneficial to all involved in the process.