1. Dunbar, Carol N. BC, APRN

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Quiet of night


They enter my room without invitation


Happy for the diversion


I watch a ballet without music






Without talk


Absolute concentration


Poised, seasoned performers


I watch


Not wanting to interrupt


Waiting for a


Break in the action


Hold for a pulse


Catch their breath


Wipe their brows


And look down at me


The principal dancer


A frail, old lady


Snow-white hair and clear blue eyes.


Days of joy and sorrow, hardship and abundance


Carried on my shoulders.


I look into their young faces and


Tell them


I'm too tired to join in,


But they don't hear me.


They only look past me;


Into each other's eyes with uncertainty




The part they've chosen to play.


Questions I cannot answer for them,


So before they can resume,


I slip out the window


That my nurse has opened


Knowing I didn't want to join in this time.