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  1. Gibson, Rosalind S. PhD, MS, FRSNZ
  2. McKenzie, Joanne E. MSc
  3. Ferguson, Elaine L. PhD
  4. Parnell, Winsome R. MSc, RD
  5. Wilson, Noela C. PhD
  6. Russell, David G. PhD, MPE, MA


A comparison of the 1997 New Zealand National Nutrition Survey and the US 1988-1994 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III showed that dietary zinc intakes for the New Zealand population, adjusted for intrasubject variation, were generally higher than those for the Unites States. Adult groups with the lowest percentage of adequate intakes of zinc were seniors aged >71 years in both surveys, followed by women aged 51 to 70 years in New Zealand, and females aged 11-18 years in the United States.