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National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. March 2003.


SGNA Certification Preparation Course. March 7-8, 2003, Newton, MA. For more information, contact Donna Girard at 617-969-1362 or


The 13th Annual Hospice Palliative Care Conference. March 23-25, 2003, Toronto, Canada. For more information, contact:


GI Nurses and Associates Day. March 26, 2003. Celebration resources available for purchase through SGNA Headquarters.


SGNA's 30th Annual Course. May 16-21, 2003, Atlanta, Georgia. Registration is available online at


The CBGNA Certification Exam. May 17, 2003. The deadline for applications for the May 2003 exam is March 14, 2003. The deadline for late filing (with late fee) is March 28, 2003. For more information, contact CBGNA headquarters:


CBGNA Submission of 2003 Recertification by Contact Hours. May 31, 2003 or October 31, 2003.


CBGNA Scholarship Applications. June 15, 2003 for the October 2003 exam and December 15, 2003 for the May 2004 exam. For more information, contact CBGNA Headquarters


Second Annual New and Emerging Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques in Endoscopy. June 27-28, 2003, Las Vegas, Nevada. Sponsored by The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. For more information, visit; e-mail; or telephone: 410-955-2959.


The 2003 Summer Institute on Evidence-Based Practice. July 10-12, 2003, San Antonio, Texas. For more information, contact: Abigail T. Sanchez, 210-567-5822 or


SGNA Research Grant Applications. Due July 15 and October 1, 2003. For more information, contact SGNA Headquarters: or 1-800-245-SGNA.


The 4th European Doctoral Conference in Nursing Science. October 3-4 2003, Maastricht, The Netherlands. For more information contact Mrs. Nynke de Jong, MSc, RN, University of Maastricht, Department of Health Care Studies, Section of Nursing Science, P.O. Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht, The Netherlands. Visit:; e-mail:; telephone: +31-6-53-81-92-07; or fax: +31-43-38-84-162.


SGNA Regional Presidents'Leadership Conference. October 11-12, 2003, Chicago, IL. For more information, contact SGNA Headquarters.


The Fall CBGNA Certification Exam. October 17, 2003. The deadline for receipt of applications is August 16, 2003. The deadline for late filing (with late fee) is August 31, 2003.


SGNA's 31st Annual Course. May 14-19, 2004, Dallas, Texas.