1. Sienkiewicz, Laurie A.

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I began my term as President accepting the challenge to lead our association as we navigated together. We marked this year with many initiatives and new endeavors as we took action in supporting the theme "Shining a Beacon of Light." Just as the beacon of light cuts through the haze, the beacon of light that is this association shines throughout the organization to our orthopaedic constituents and within the nursing community. Our beacon is the power created when we act as one, speak with one voice, and use synergy as our beacon.


Synergy is defined as the interaction of two or more forces to yield a combined greater outcome. Any professional organization is all about the combined efforts of individual members or small groups that yield a greater outcome than one person ever believed possible.


I am pleased to report on the following accomplishments completed this year by the many talented and valuable members of NAON committees, task forces, contracted individuals, and executive board members:


* Marketing plan for the association was launched. The NAON logo was updated and the tag line "Advancing the art and science of orthopaedic care" is now included.


* The Web site was redesigned to enhance content and facilitate use by the membership. The focus of the site is now on the practice of orthopaedic nursing and issues pertinent to the general practice of the profession.


* Membership was expanded to include an associate member category. Now NAON membership is open to all individuals who care for orthopaedic patients or who support the purpose of this association.


* Healthy People 2010 Task Force was convened to address NAON's role in Healthy People 2010. The objectives of the initiative include health promotion and disease prevention. It is designed to improve the health of people in the United States for the first 10 years of this decade.


* Bone and Joint Decade Task Force was appointed to participate in this global initiative to improve the quality of life for people with musculoskeletal conditions.


* NAON's Health Policy Statement was revised. NAON strives to promote the highest standard of nursing practice and encourages effective communication between groups with similar interests. The statement addresses support of access to quality care, integrity of the nursing profession, funded nursing research, and education. Additions to this year's statement are child passenger safety, geriatric care, and disability reduction.


* NAON continues to champion women's healthcare issues, especially those of osteoporosis. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and NAON cohosted a summit on the female athlete triad. The purpose of the summit was to convene groups who care for and interact with young female athletes to create a plan to prevent the triad, especially osteoporosis.


* OPTIONS teaching and research project was shared with international colleagues. This project, designed to teach osteoporosis prevention in our schools, has expanded to Canada and the United Kingdom.


* Building coalitions with colleagues continued to be an important strategic initiative this year. NAON became a charter member in the new Nursing Organizations Alliance. The alliance provides communication and networking for all member organizations.


* NAON continued to cultivate its partnership with the AAOS. NAON was an invited guest to the Patient Safety Council. NAON Executive Board members were the only two nurses present at this coalition of orthopaedic groups convened to address issues of patient safety. Throughout the year, NAON supported the Women's Health Council. In collaboration with the AAOS, National Osteoporosis Foundation, and National Institutes of Health, NAON contributed to a osteoporosis monograph.


* Lest we not forget the considerable transformation the association experienced with the selection of our new management firm and journal publisher. A new future for NAON was established.



As I began my term, I pledged my leadership to you, the members of NAON. By "Shining a Beacon of Light" together we illuminated our profession, strengthened our association, and brightened the future. It is now time that I pass this bright light to the next president. As 22 presidents have done before me, I turn the beacon over to the next shining light of NAON, our 24th president Geri Tierney. President Tierney will ignite your passion and illuminate the future down to our bones as we begin celebrating "Passion in Your Bones!"



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