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Your financial support has helped the professional growth of Orthopaedic Nurses. Award recipients have been able to return to school, attend continuing education programs, take certification examinations, and conduct ever-needed research to further orthopaedic nursing.


The NAON Foundation proudly recognized the following list of Golden Cast Club Members for the year 2002. Take a quick look at this list. I am sure you will recognize many names and would like to add yours as a contributor to the future of orthopaedic nursing.


Golden Cast Club Members, we salute you and thank you again. We look forward to seeing you on the 2003 list.



Trustees Circle ($500-$999)


Connie Whittington*


Circle of Merit ($250-$499)


Mary R. Heron*


Melinda S. Mock*


Catherine Smrcina*


Sharon V. Stormer*


NAON Foundation Golden Cast Club ($50-$249)


Beverly K. Allen


Linda S. Aten (in memory of Gladys Murphy)


Pamela M. Bilyeu* (in honor of Dr. Perry Berg)


Joyce D. Blau*


Cheryl Bloode


Diane L. Burridge (in memory of Edward Howe, RN, ONC)


Nancy C. Clough


Betty J. Courtney*


Joanne Crowley


Carolyn Crane Cutilli*


Sherry K. Dotson*


Cozette D. Duncan*


Brenda Elliff*


Tina M. Fisher


Gloria Gary


Irene M. Gruchacz* (in memory of Clara A. Donahoo)


Kathleen E. Gunta


Debbie L. Hawk* (in honor of Drs. Dennis Weiner, Bill Schrader, Pat Riley, Kerwyn Jones, and Paul Fleissner)


Reva Joyce Hennenfent (in memory of Pauline Dillon)


Karen Jannetti Hester* (in honor of Tony Jannetti)


Anthony J. Jannetti*


Barbara J. Larsen


Abby Letterman* (in memory of Harriet Letterman)


Mary A. Martinie


Mary Betty Masters


Sandy McLendon* (in honor of Sister Joan Margaret)


JoAnn Munski*


Eileen M. Nicholson*


Teresa A. Pellino


Joan C. Petow*


Kathleen E. Rourke


Susan C. Ruda (in honor of the nurses at Parkview Musculoskeletal Institute)


Margaret A. Schafer*


Carol Sedlak*


Laurie A. Sienkiewicz (in honor of 2002-2003 NAON Executive Board)


E. Jean Sinclair*


Jane Ellen Smith* (in memory of Frank B. Smith)


Beverly G. Spain (in honor of George Schriever)


Helen M. Taggart


Luann M. Theis*


Kris Todd*


Lauri Tveit* (in honor of Mandy Barton, RN)


Mary K. Wollan


*Multiyear contributor.


Members of the Golden Cast Club can be identified by the gold cast-shaped lapel pin that they wear. Many of your friends and colleagues proudly wear their pins. Look for them at Congress and every day.


To join the list of supporters of the NAON Foundation and earn your lapel pin, you may send your contribution to the NAON Foundation, Golden Cast Club, East Holly Avenue, Box 56, Pitman, NJ 08071-0056. A minimum contribution of $50 is required for Gold Cast Club membership. Donations of any amount are gladly accepted by the Foundation.


The NAON Foundation has been designated as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible as the law allows.