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  1. Bright, Beth OTD, OTR/L
  2. Boerger, Erica OTDS
  3. Grillot, Lindsay OTDS
  4. Knous, Katie OTDS
  5. Lee, Megan OTDS
  6. Selking, Chelsea OTDS
  7. Umeno, Risa OTDS


The purpose of this study was to develop a standardized assessment (LDUKES) that measures an individual's reported use of judgment in relation to fall risk. Fifty-three participants from 7 different senior care facilities completed an assessment that was created by researchers. Researchers found that participants' responses indicated a statistically significant inverse correlation (P < .05) between whether the participant had fallen and his or her perceived risk of falling. This relationship indicates that those who reported falling thought that they were at a lower risk of falling in the future. In addition, when comparing fall history (A3) with physical characteristics (section C) using an independent-samples t test, a significance was found between individuals who reported falls or stumbles and individuals who did not report falls (P < .05). Further research using the LDUKES assessment is recommended to identify the ability to effectively assess judgment related to fall risk.