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As I begin my term as president of NAON, my mind is buzzing with all kinds of ideas. The thought that struck me the hardest was that my nursing school graduation was nearly 30 years ago (1974). I never dreamed that I would be the president of a national nursing organization. Back then, I was worried about passing the right medications, poured from large bottles with generic labels into little paper cups on a tray with little cards to go with each cup. However, even today the five rights-right dose, right patient, right medication, right time, and right route-still pertain. The world is changing fast.


I have spent the last year being mentored and trained by Laurie Sienkiewicz, and our generational differences have been eye opening. I am a storyteller at heart and believe a good story is a great way to remember things. I was telling Laurie a story about my first car. I told her I had a problem once after I got gasoline when the attendant did not latch the hood tightly. She looked at me and asked, "Why did they open the hood when you got gas?" They always checked the oil, I explained; I was suddenly old. The point is, we are an organization of nurses and associates of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and styles. As president, I represent all of you.


As an organization, we have some common ground. We can all learn from each other. I have learned from Laurie that it is not unusual for practitioners of her generation to have many different places of employment. They work hard and want time to play. Time can be more valuable than money. We are all on different places in our journey. What does all this have to do with NAON?


The organization must meet the needs of all members. I bring to you a passion in my bones for orthopaedic nursing! We have some serious challenges and/or opportunities, depending on how we choose to view them. It is a great time to be a nurse. We are being invited to sit at the table and participate in guiding where healthcare is going. Orthopaedic nursing crosses many lines and infiltrates into all areas of healthcare. Look at the special interest groups NAON has:


* Advanced practice


* Case management


* Gerontology


* Management


* Office practice


* Operating room


* Osteoporosis


* Patient education


* Pediatrics




* Spine


* Sports medicine


* Staff education


* Total joint replacement


* Trauma



Inpatient, outpatient, the classroom, the office, research-orthopaedic nurses are there! We care for bones! There are challenges associated with being a nurse; there always have been. There are fewer of us practicing everyday and even fewer instructors of nursing. The population is aging and has numerous chronic illnesses that must be managed. Healthcare financing is a maze for providers and patients. New information and new technology are appearing at an incredible rate. Legislative issues that affect our practice and our patients are on the horizon all the time. We have work to do! It will take all of us, and all the passion we have in our bones! We all must take part in NAON advancing the art and science of orthopaedic nursing.