1. Nicol, Noreen Heer PhD, RN, FNP, NEA-BC

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"Dermatologic Nursing Essentials Spotlight" is a new regularly featured column in this Journal brought to you by the Dermatology Nurses' Association (DNA) Board of Directors and the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses' Association (JDNA). This column will provide brief spotlights on the educational dermatology nursing resources available to nurses and other healthcare providers at all levels within the new DNA textbook published in 2016, Dermatologic Nursing Essentials: A Core Curriculum, 3rd Edition (Nicol, 2016a). This textbook has already been recognized as an essential resource in dermatology nursing (Nicol, 2016b). The book is filled with cutting-edge advice and clinical instruction that provide the reader with core knowledge about the specialty of dermatology nursing. Dermatology nursing concentrates on the study of the skin and skin health including its anatomic, physiologic, pathologic, psychological, and social characteristics as well as focuses on the care of the patient and family with skin concerns and disorders.

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The scope of the textbook is to provide novice to expert nurses and other healthcare providers with essential knowledge of healthy skin and disorders of the skin to support person-centered care and educational activities. The book is a companion piece for DNA professional educational activities and workshops supplying the foundation information for certification and other professional needs. Core skin care essentials to assist in the effective treatment of a full range of skin disorders guide nurses and other healthcare providers to understand key principles for care.


It was an exciting challenge as Editor in Chief of "Dermatologic Nursing Essentials Spotlight" to take on the publication of this long-awaited third edition of this textbook. The first edition was published in 1998, and the second was published in 2003. Marcia Hill's commitment of over 30 years to editing, authoring, mentoring, and serving as one of the organization's early presidents and editor of the first two editions of this book paved the way for the growth and development of dermatology nursing and this third edition. The past decade and a half have seen considerable growth in the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by dermatology nurses and dermatology healthcare providers. My role as an author and reviewer in the three editions of this book as well as a past president of the DNA made me keenly aware of the growing scope of the audience and practice across time. This textbook is not meant to be a comprehensive review of skin or skin diseases and their treatment, as there are many premier medically focused books for this expertise. This edition is meant to be a definitive state-of-the-art nursing resource related to caring for the skin. Expert nurses, physicians, and healthcare providers from across the world authored and reviewed. The third edition with 23 chapters is 404 pages. The text contains almost 400 color photos to enhance the learning and reading experience as well as drawings, illustrations, tables, and graphs. The content is applicable in all practice settings including acute/tertiary care whether in hospital or urgent care settings, outpatient, private office, schools, or community care. This edition maintained the easy-to-read outline format for principles and care instructions used in the first two editions. Learning objectives, key points, and the addition of a patient education section in each chapter reflect the commitment to person-centered care and assist the reader in preparing for other continuing education events. Information to order your copy of the textbook is found within this Journal.


Many of the authors of this edition of the textbook have been expert faculty from DNA's workshops and educational sessions and offerings over the years. My sincere gratitude is extended to each of them for the many tireless hours dedicated to bring this book to the dermatology nursing community. Now, some of their work will again be shared with you in this new column. The columns generally will be presented to you in the same order and flow that the selected chapter of the book appeared. One or more chapters per issue of JDNA will be highlighted. A brief synopsis of the chapter will put the column into context. The chapter authors will be cited and recognized in each column.


The hope is that the readers of JDNA will appreciate the Spotlight reviews and reach for the textbook when more in-depth information is needed on each topic. Enjoy the new column "Dermatologic Nursing Essentials Spotlight" and the Dermatologic Nursing Essentials: A Core Curriculum, 3rd Edition.


Noreen Heer Nicol, PhD, RN, FNP, NEA-BC


Editor in Chief




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