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curricular assessment, nursing education, portfolio, portfolio assessment, program evaluation



  1. Hickey, Kari PhD, RN
  2. Rossetti, Jeanette EdD, RN
  3. Oldenburg, Nancy EdD, RN
  4. Abendroth, Maryann PhD, RN
  5. Uhlken, Connie MS, RN
  6. Musker, Kathleen PhD, RN
  7. Peters, Bradley PhD
  8. Paramore, Patricia


Portfolio assessment promotes a culture of evidence, evaluates program outcomes, and provides an opportunity to assess the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are not easily assessed by examinations and other traditional assessment methods in nursing curricula. The portfolio program of 1 Midwestern school of nursing recently moved portfolio assessment to the end of program. The process of this change including logistics, rubric development, and lessons learned is highlighted.