1. Field-Fote, Edelle C. PT, PhD

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With this first issue of 2011, the editors take pleasure in acknowledging the contributions of 2 groups of individuals upon whom the quality of our journal depends-our authors and our reviewers. It is through the efforts of these individuals that we press forward with the mission of JNPT, to advance neurologic physical therapy practice through the dissemination of definitive evidence, translation of clinically relevant knowledge, and integration of theory into education, practice, and research. In recent years, the volume of submissions to JNPT has continued to increase both in quality and in number, and the continued growth of the journal would not be possible without dedicated professionals who contribute their valuable expertise as authors and as reviewers. However, while a review of the Tables of Contents will inform the reader about the authors who published their work in JNPT, what the reader does not know about is the behind-the-scenes contributions of our reviewers. JNPT has an outstanding cadre of reviewers who work with the editors to provide the authors with critiques meant to improve the clarity and impact of the manuscript. Working together, the authors, editors, and reviewers shape the manuscripts in a way that makes the material most salient and accessible for our readers. Authors frequently comment about how helpful the reviewers' comments have been to them. The final manuscript represents a team effort emerging from the combined contributions of the authors, editors, and reviewers-the published work is truly one in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


As a small gesture of appreciation for the contributions of the JNPT reviewers, the individuals who in the prior year contributed their outstanding and timely peer review are listed in the first issue of each year. Furthermore, in this first issue of 2011, the alert reader may have noticed another list-the listing in the journal masthead of the new Editorial Board Members (EBMs). The JNPT editors are delighted to welcome these 23 exceptional domestic and international members of the JNPT Editorial Board. We are especially pleased that some of our new EBMs are also members of our sister society in Brazil, the Associacao Brasileira Brasileira de Fisiotherapia Neurofunctional (see page 49-50 in this issue). Each of the new EBMs was selected by the editors on the basis of his or her noteworthy contributions to the literature related to neurologic physical therapy. In addition, of the new EBMs who are members of the Neurology Section, each has also consistently been an outstanding reviewer upon which the editors have come to rely over the years. In this new role, the EBMs will contribute their expertise as senior reviewers, as well as provide guidance related to JNPT policies and procedures. A heartfelt welcome to our new EBMs, we look forward to the way your contributions will help us continue to grow-making the journal ever greater than the sum of the parts.